The most interesting fashion model from Asia

The most interesting fashion model from Asia

The model is synonymous with a tall and beautiful body. Usually we will look at models in fashion magazines or become a face for certain brands. Besides that, we can also witness the model on the catwalk. Being a model is not an easy job. A model must keep his body slim in accordance with the demands of his work.

Of course being a model can not only rely on the beauty of its body. But also must have the ability to act in front of a good camera. It’s not easy to be a model, but the benefits obtained are also quite large. In Asia itself, there are several famous model names to foreign countries. The following is one of them.

Liu Wen the most interesting fashion model from Asia

You are certainly familiar with the famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. This one brand is always identical to its beautiful models and is called angels. It’s not wrong because the model from Victoria’s Secret always has a beautiful body with a beautiful face like an angel.

During this time the Victoria’s Secret model’s face has always been filled with models from America, Europe and Latin. But there is also an Asian model that managed to penetrate Victoria Secret, namely Liu Wen. She first appeared at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2009. She also became the first Asian model to appear at the annual fashion event.

Liu Wen’s modeling career began in 2005 in a talent search event. Her career skyrocketed in 2007 after entering a large agency. He also became a model subscription for famous brands ranging from Givenchy, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, and so on.

Until the autumn / winter 2009 season, he managed to become a catwalk model for 74 shows. Even Liu Wen was second as the best-selling model. His face has also graced the cover of the famous fashion magazine Vogue 15 times. It is one of the most attractive Asian models at the moment.

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