Gigi Hadid The Most Famous Fashion Model Today

The Most Famous Fashion Model at the Time

Being a model is a profession that is not easy. A model must keep her body beautiful. His posture must also be upright and not be bent so that when walking on the catwalk the model looks like a charming angel. Maybe for some women, being a model is a dream profession.

But to be a model, of course, it takes hard work and big costs. A successful model will get high pay and be used by many fashion brands in the world. At present there are many of the most famous fashion model names. The following is one of them that has become an idol today.

Gigi Hadid The Most Famous Fashion Model Today

Who is not familiar with Gigi Hadid? Her name as a model has skyrocketed lately. Even coupled with his personal life together with her lover, Zayn Malik, makes the name Gigi Hadid more and more talked about. Gigi does come from a family of models, it seems, the younger sister Bella Hadid, is also a model from Victoria’s Secret.

Even though she is still relatively young, Gigi has had an outstanding income of 9 million USD. Born on April 23, 1995, he and his lover, Zayn Malik, became the most talked about celebrity couple today.

Gigi Hadid The Most Famous Fashion Model Today

The beautiful posture of her teeth and beautiful face with firm cheekbones made her famous as a fashion model today. His hard work proved, at this time managed to become one of the angels from Victoria’s Secret. A number of famous brands have collaborated with him such as Maybelline, Tommy Hilfiger, BWM, and Topshop.

Gigi Hadid’s name is also included in the 50 famous models of the version. Not only that, Gigi Hadid has been awarded the International Model of the Year 2016 by the British Fashion Council. As one of the angels from Victoria¡¯s Secret, Gigi Hadid also had the opportunity to appear on the Victoria¡¯s Secret fashion show stage which is held annually and is awaited by many people.

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