Prestigious Fashion Model Events in 2019

Prestigious Fashion Model Events in 2019

Fashion has always been an interesting field of creative industry for many parties to follow. As part of the creative industry, fashion is now growing. Not just being an art, but also selling. Several events were held to further enhance promotion in the fashion sector. One of them is Jakarta Fashion Week 2019.

Through this event, local designers display their work on runaway. It is not only an arena for talented Indonesian designers. Jakarta Fashion Week is also a venue for young models who want to showcase their talents in walking on the catwalk. For the Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 event, it was held last October.

Jakarta Fashion Week is a prestigious fashion model event in 2019

After being waited for quite a long time, finally the most prestigious fashion model event this year was held again. Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 was held on October 20, 2018 ago. The event was opened directly by the general chairman, Svida Alisjahbana.

Jakarta Fashion Week is certainly the most awaited fashion event for fashion lovers. This year is the 11th year of this fashion model event. Jakarta Fashion Week consistently presents domestic fashion trends. The event was held from October 20 to 26, precisely at Senayan City, Jakarta.

Of course this event is not playing games, because there are more than 200 Indonesian and foreign designers who have participated in presenting their best collections at the Jakarta Fashion Week. Collaboration is something unique this year. Collaboration through the biggest pecan modes in Southeast Asia is becoming more robust.

The collaboration referred to here is a form of synergy for Indonesia’s current creative industry. Jakarta Fashion Week also collaborates with Creative Week ID, IdeaFest, and Brightspot. Collaboration is also held together with friendly countries to explore the work of the nation’s children and the country’s creative heritage. The countries that work together include Australia, Britain, Japan, South Korea, France, India and Pakistan.

Jakarta Fashion Week seems to be an arena for the creative industry to appear. The opening opened with the models who performed dancing energetically. This moment shows the development of domestic creative industries that are no longer monotonous. In addition, the models have also been dressed in the designs of domestic designers who are in the spotlight of the audience.

The opening was closed with a parade of multitalented designers from agen judi bola. Clothing looks dominated by nude and monochrome. Of course the main attraction for the audience is the presence of domestic clothing displayed by the models. Jakarta Fashion Week is the most prestigious fashion model at the moment.

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